Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Update: Post Study Work Rights for Current EIT International Students
Last week Immigration New Zealand announced new post study work visa instructions that will take effect on 26 November 2018.
We recognise that any changes to immigration settings can be stressful for students so we wanted to take the time to give you an update on what these changes will mean for you. We believe this is a great outcome for you.
For all of our current students and any future student whose student visa application had been accepted for processing by Immigration New Zealand prior to 8 August 2018: if you would have been entitled to a one-year open post study work visa upon completion of your programme at EIT under the previous post study work visa policy, you will now be eligible for a three-year open post study work visa.
Please refer to the table produced by Immigration New Zealand.
You may also be aware that under these new INZ instructions, the eligibility of partner work visas and fee-free primary and secondary schooling has changed. From 26 November 2018, these will only be available to students studying at Level 7 or 8 provided the qualification is specified on the Long Term Skills Shortage List or at Level 9 or 10.
If you are studying a postgraduate qualification and previously would have qualified for your partner to receive a work visa while you were on a student visa, this will still be the case as long as your partners application is accepted for processing by Immigration New Zealand before 26 November 2018. 
After this point, your partner would only be eligible for this work visa if you are studying a Level 7 or 8 qualification specified on the Long Term Skills Shortage List or a Level 9 or 10 qualification.

If you have any other questions about these changes and how they impact you, please feel free to contact us at international@eit.ac.nz.

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