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68 Erasmus Mundus JMD Scholarships for IMETE Joint Master Degree Programme, 2018

68 Erasmus Mundus JMD scholarships are available on a competitive basis. The scholarships will be available for three intakes over a period of three years. There are two types of scholarships, depending on whether your country of residence is a partner or programme country.
The International Master of Science in Environmental Technology and Engineering (IMETE) is a Joint Master Degree Programme, taught in English, bringing together students and scholars from all over the world.
The International Master of Science in Environmental Technology and Engineering (IMETE) is a Joint Master Degree Programme, taught in English, bringing together students and scholars from all over the world. In IMETE, you will become part of a new generation of environmental scientists. As a graduate, you will be able to design and apply state-of-the-art environmental technology and engineering solutions to tackle today’s global environmental problems.

Scholarship Description: 

  • Applications deadline: For both partner and programme countries, the submission deadline is February 15, 2018.
  • Course Level: Scholarships are available to pursue Joint Master Degree programme.
  • Study Subject: Scholarships are awarded to pursue International Master of Science in Environmental Technology and Engineering (IMETE).
  • Scholarship Award: EMJMD Scholarships:
The EMJMD student scholarships include:
  • A contribution to the students’ participation costs (including the tuition fees, library and laboratory costs, full insurance coverage and any other mandatory costs related to the students’ participation in the Master);
  • A contribution to student travel and installation costs;
  • A monthly subsistence allowance for the entire duration of the EMJMD study programme.
  • Nationality: International students
  • Number of Scholarships: 68 Erasmus Mundus JMD scholarships are available on a competitive basis.
  • Scholarship can be taken in Students will study two years at three leading European universities in 3 different European countries: Ghent University (Belgium), IHE Delft Institute for Water Education (The Netherlands), and the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (Czech Republic).

Eligibility for the Scholarship: 

Eligible Countries: More information on what is considered as a partner and what is considered as a programme country can be found here.
The following countries will be considered as programme countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey.
All other countries, which are not indicated above, should be considered as partner countries.
Entrance Requirements: The International Master in Environmental Technology and Engineering (IMETE) has the following admission requirements:
  1. Proof that the applicant has successfully accomplished a first degree of higher education equivalent to a B.Sc. degree (equivalent to 180 credit points according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)) with a good final mark as shown by a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least B/B+ (US System) or a classification of at least 2nd upper (UK system), in one of the following subjects: pure or applied sciences (e.g., chemistry, biology, geology, civil or agricultural engineering, environmental or agricultural sciences, etc.). Sufficient academic knowledge of mathematics, physics, and chemistry is an absolute requirement.
Note A.1 Applications may already be submitted before the first degree of higher education (usually B.Sc.) has been successfully finished if at least 120 ECTS of the programme have been successfully completed. If the applicant meets all of the other admission requirements, admission can be granted on the condition that the first degree of higher education must be successfully finished by 15 July proceeding to the start year of the programme.
  1. Evidence of qualification in one of the internationally-recognized English language tests. More information on the English language requirements can be found here.
Note B.1 Applicants who are required to provide proof of English language proficiency who do not yet possess the results of the test can apply for admission and scholarship now, however, the ultimate deadline that the test result should be in our possession is 1 April 2018. Those applicants will also be taken into consideration for scholarship award and can be selected for a scholarship or placed on the reserve list. If no sufficient English test results have been received by 1 April 2018, the candidate will no longer be eligible for a scholarship.
English Language Requirements: Applicants whose first language is not English are usually required to provide evidence of proficiency in English at the higher level required by the University.
For more Details, Please Contact
AK CONSULTANTS, Anna Nagar,Madurai.

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